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My Daughter’s Spouse is an Abuser. What are my Legal Options? | Texas Lawyer –

My Daughter’s Spouse is an Abuser. What are my Legal Options? | Texas Lawyer

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First Ever Military Spouse In Texas To Utilize New Rule.23 For Admission To The Bar Of Texas – Tyler Morning Telegraph

First Ever Military Spouse In Texas To Utilize New Rule.23 For Admission To The Bar Of Texas  Tyler Morning Telegraph

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Spouse of Texas mass shooting victim welcomes all to funeral – Yahoo News

Spouse of Texas mass shooting victim welcomes all to funeral  Yahoo News

A man whose 63-year-old wife was among the Texas mass shooting victims says he has no other family and welcomes anyone wanting to attend her services in …

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3 Important Facts about Texas Alimony and Spousal Support

3 Important Facts About Texas Alimony
One of the biggest issues that people face in a divorce is the of alimony in Texas. While Texas alimony is sometimes referred to as spousal support in Texas, no matter the name it is still a difficult concept for many to understand. One of the biggest fears that people face through the divorce process is that they may face a heavy economic burden when it comes to Texas spousal support or Tx alimony.

You may have heard that alimony laws in Texas are different than other states, and you may have even heard that Texas law on alimony is nonexistent. While it is true that there is no specific monthly payment called alimony Texas, the answer to the question, “is there spousal support in Texas?” is “yes.”

Is there alimony in Texas and does alimony exist in Texas? The answer is yes. These three types of spousal support in Texas will be named and further explained in the following sections. While they will not answer the question, “can I get spousal support in Texas,” it will show you what type of alimony there is and how to get alimony in Texas.

Temporary Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support, as described in Texas alimony law, is paid because a couple moves from one household to two. With this transition, under Texas divorce law alimony, the spouse who cannot fully make the payments of the new residence can and should get help from the other spouse.

This is one Tx alimony laws that exists to create a smooth transition from one family and one household to two. Under Texas divorce laws alimony, it is most likely that the spouse with greater assets and income will be forced to pay temporary spousal support while the divorce is pending.

Spousal Maintenance in Texas

Texas family code chapter 8 describes spousal maintenance as a court’s ability to award payments to a spouse for a very brief time and under very specific circumstances. The specific circumstances most often cited in this Texas alimony laws is if one spouse can show a mental or physical disability or they are taking care of a child with one.

Even in Texas spousal support laws like this, the payments made are usually for a very short time while the case is being processed. In a Texas divorce spousal support case like this, the amount paid in alimony in Texas divorce over the long haul is nothing to fret over.

Contractual Alimony

Another type of alimony state of Texas is contractual alimony. When you ask if you can get alimony in the state of Texas, contractual alimony is the most commonly prescribed. Contractual alimony, in terms of state of Texas alimony laws, is by far the most used and the most recognized.

Texas alimony guidelines describe Contractual Alimony as those given through property settlement. Texas laws on alimony are clear on these and while a Texas alimony calculator is not used, it is common for this type of alimony to answer the question, “does Texas have alimony?” Accor

The Tax Remedy Spring Tx

The reason people ask, “does Texas have alimony law?” is because the term does have IRS tax implications. People always as, “Can you get alimony in Texas” and they ask this because alimony means something specific and is required if a court rules that way.

In fact, when asking “does Texas have alimony laws” you are actually asking a tax question based on alimony in Texas new law. Any alimony payment made should be reported to the IRS and is taxable.


While Texas alimony laws 2017 do not show how much is alimony in Texas, it does provide guidelines for divorce in Texas spousal support situations. Is Texas an alimony state? Not exactly. What is alimony in Texas? It is basically the same thing that alimony is everywhere else in the world, it is when Texas divorce alimony is paid by one part to another for spousal support Texas.

Is there alimony in the state of Texas? Of course there is. But the most important question people ask and the question that people fear the most is, “how much alimony will I have to pay in Texas?” The truth, is there alimony in Texas, yes. Will it cripple you financially. No.