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The Impact of Parental Alienation in Child Custody Litigation | The Legal Intelligencer –

The Impact of Parental Alienation in Child Custody Litigation | The Legal Intelligencer

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Warning Signs of A Parental Alienation Syndrome Child

Warning Signs of a Parental Alienation Syndrome Child
A good parental alienation syndrome definition is when one parent, through denigration and repetitive negative speech, tries to create brainwashed children who believe their other parent is worthless. This parental brainwashing occurs, most frequently, in regards to that parent having access to the child and desiring to win a custody case against the other parent.

Signs of parental alienation

A parental alienation syndrome checklist would include these warning signs of parental alienation:

  • The brainwash children begin to “parrot” the other parent
  • Brainwashed symptoms include a serious hatred for the parent that was not previously there.
  • Another alienated child symptoms is that the child no longer wants to spend time with the other parent.
  • The brainwashing a child against a parent manifest itself in only ways that the other parent tells the child specifically.
  • Another parental alienation syndrome symptoms is that there is no guilt or remorse shown by the child toward the other parent.
  • Finally, the last brainwashing of children symptoms is that the hatred spills to extended family members again without remorse or guilt

This parental alienation checklist is by no means exhaustive but it is thorough. Going through these symptoms can help you figure out how to tell if a child is being brainwashed.

Signs of brainwashing in children

The most obvious signs of parental alienation syndrome is that a child turns completely away from the other parent with no remorse and no guilt. While there are other signs of brainwashing a child, this is the most obvious and the most hurtful to the other parent.

Parental alienation signs

While you can see the brainwashing child against other parent clearly by how the child reacts to the parent, you can also see parental alienation syndrome signs in the parent who is trying to turn the child. This parent will not hesitate to keep their child from other healthy relationships as long as the child is completely dependent on them.

While the symptoms of parental alienation are seen in the children, the signs should be found in the adult and stopped if possible. The parent in this situation is only looking out for their own needs and not the needs of their children, especially when the other parent desires to be involved in the child’s life.

Parental alienation syndrome effects on children

While symptoms of brainwashing are always negative for the child, there are other effects as well. The brainwashed child may never reconnect fully with their other parent, may have trouble connecting in social and romantic relationships later in life, and will probably resent the parent who brainwashed them in the future.

While the specific signs of brainwashing are negative, the long term effects may be even more catastrophic. The symptoms of being brainwashed should be easily visible but they are not. Just like any other psychological issue, sometimes only a trained professional will catch it before its too late. That’s why it is important to read and understand this article if you are going through a custody battle.


Parental alienation symptoms, signs of step parent alienation, and even signs of being brainwashed should be easy to stop in a child and in their parent. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the situation, these children will often fall through the cracks and in turn miss out on a relationship with one or both of their parents. Your hope should be to help ensure this never happens to your child, no matter how difficult the custody situation is.