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Requests for disclosure in Texas Civil Procedures

Requests for disclosure in Texas Civil Procedures


A request for disclosure, as stated in Texas rule of civil procedure 194, is an important but basic rule in civil proceedings that ensure the correct parties are involved in the suit. While it is a basic tenant of cilvil procedures, Texas rule 194 must be followed even if you know you are the correct or incorrect party. This request for disclosure Texas also provides for a fair trial for both sides as key witnesses, potential economic damages, and contact information for anyone who may have knowledge of the case. These rule 194 disclosures are vital for both parties in a civil case and is further described and explained in rule 194.2 Texas according to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure or trcp 194.

Request for Disclosure Example

The Texas request for disclosure rules are vital for any civil procedures and there are many examples where following rule 194.2 Texas essentially won a case for a client and many others where not following 194.2 led to a defeat. For instance, many years ago, a man was named in a civil proceeding incorrectly. He was not a part of the case nor was he involved in the action mentioned at all. He was, however, under Texas rule of civil procedure 194.2, asked to disclose information that he ignored. Because he refused to provide the information requested by rule 194 Texas requests for disclosure, he took a default judgement and was forced to pay.

In another response to request for disclosure sample Texas, a woman in a recent case disclosed all of the relevant information asked for under rule 194 Texas rules of civil procedure and won the case as her husband saw the list of experts and witnesses. This was a rule 194 request for disclosure sample that led to a victory by the correct party.

Rule 194 Request for Disclosure Texas

Requests for Disclosure are asked for in almost every court or legal proceeding. TRCP 194.2 under rule 194 Texas is a basic tenant of civil and legal proceedings. It simply calls for both parties to present the information and witnesses that they have so that everyone is on an level playing field. Requests for disclosure Texas are similar to other states in the nation, but rule 194.2 is specifically a Texas rule.

Texas rule 194.2 spells out the exact information that must be turned over in discovery and within 30 days of the request. Texas rules of civil procedure were created this way so that there would be no surprise witness and so that a person would win their case based on the facts and law rather than surprise and legal maneuvering. This is important because any state whose justice system relies more on the skill of a lawyer than the facts of a case will quickly devolve into a state where the rich operate with virtual impunity.

At the same time, it is vital to find the right attorney that understands Texas rules of civil procedure 194.2 and then can also argue your case based on the information presented on both sides. Bryan Fagan is one of those attorneys who can both follow the letter of the rule, as stated in Texas rules of civil procedure 194, and argue the rest of the case based on facts, evidence, and the skill acquired over years of serving Texas residents.


As simple rule 194 request for disclosure is, it is one of the foundations of the legal system in Texas. Rule 194 requests for disclosure Texas are important and must be followed, but make sure you take it to the next step as well and find the right attorney to help you with your civil suit.